Numerology life path 2

Numerology life path 2 is called the path of Cooperator. People who have numerology life path 2 have some great hidden powers of making people compromise. They can sense the feelings of other person and can guess what they are up to at any moment. They can tell when the other person is having difficulty making some sort of decision and what the fear behind their hesitation is.

Talents and Abilities

The main aim of these people is to master the art of cooperation among people. They have great respect and sympathy for the feelings and emotions of other people and often sacrifice their own interest for the sake of others.

They have a great ability to getting to the root of any conflict seeing both sides of coin simultaneously and using their diplomatic nature to resolve conflict by making each side compromise a little. They are selfless people and often let other people take credit of the good done, just to make good things go smoothly serving a greater cause. They are honest, courteous and honest to people around them, attracting the attention of people due to their inspiring nature.

Cooperator are calm and patience person and hate to do any thing in rush under any sort of pressure. They are master in dealing people timely making them to work as team and creating strong bond of love among all members of team to ensure success. Cooperators can’t live a lonely life; they are born to be social and are family people. They like getting in relations for long terms. They also love music and fond of collecting different things.

Problem Areas for Cooperators

The main problematic are for cooperator people is the competitive situations. They are quite shy people and don’t like to compete with anyone. They just can’t share their own feelings with anyone coz of their sensitive nature that is easily hurt by harsh words. World wide the percentage of people with this path number is about 11%.