Numerology life path 6

People with numerology life path 6 loves justice, they want justice for every one in this world. They are defined by their nurturing, truth, domestic and righteous nature. They are really sensitive to emotions and take good care of every one around them. They are great family persons who like to live with their family helping them and making them feel special. Apart from family these people are also attached to the people in their environment. They are social people, but like to increase their social circle in a limit. The character may well be defined by strong conviction and principles.

They are fountain of advice who likes to feel special and useful for people around them. They are always supportive towards people and often sacrifice their own interest for the benefit of their loved one. The life of people having numerology life path number 6 circles around their family, friend and home. They focus all their possible energies and talent to make their family and friends happy and to nurture and preserve the happiness and growth of their family. They are responsible people and can take responsibility easily. They don’t hesitate to take any responsibility on their shoulder, and once they take any responsibility on their broad shoulder broad enough to take many responsibilities at a time; they make sure that they full fill it to the best of their potential.

Their nurturing and protective nature attracts attention of many people around them. Just as they are devoted towards their family and friends, similarly they are devoted and loyal to their love. They just love their lovers to the extreme which sometimes may seem to be progressive. But its their loving and devoted nature, they attract people around them who are in need of care and protection. Talking about love, they may loose control of themselves coz of their disability of dealing under stress. Under stressful conditions they might take control of the relationship as they are compassionate and strong lovers.