Lunar Calendar

As you know that the earth revolves around the sun, the calendar month becomes short. The moon completes its orbit in almost 29 days; it is called the lunar month. People who are interested to track the movement of moon daily can take the help from the lunar calendar or can buy any ephermeris. We can only see the one portion of moon because of the unique movement of earth and moon where the earth travels around the sun.

The moon is moving around the earth over 2,200 miles/hour. The moon appears to be very slow from our point of views because it is 2 hundred and 50 thousand miles away from the earth. The use of lunar calendar exists in both good and bad activities and it is purely used as the Hijri calendar or the Islamic calendar that is based on 12 lunar months.

The horoscopes have great influence by the moon. The relation of the moon and the sun is heavily powered because it explains the human’s emotional feelings and it affects your different reactions and your mood as well. Some standard calculators are listed as the full and new moon of each month but the lunar calendar is based on different cycles of moon phase or lunar phase and it is in fact, lunisolar; such as the Hebrew, Hindu and Chinese calendars.

Lunar Calendar Software

The lunar calendars are set by the brilliant astrologers and are examined by the experienced scholars before they are published on any of the websites. The online websites also offer the lunar calendars but the lunar calendar software is required for this purpose after downloading it you can easily go through its features.

The lunar cycle is determined by completing 29 days, 7hours and 43 minutes. The lunar calendar can be described by the cycles of lunar phase. The growth of new phase is occurred by the new moon which is the starting point. The best feature of the lunar calendar that it is used in the Hijri calendar or the Islamic calendar. If you want to get the lunar calendar in your PC then you have to download the lunar calendar software from the trusted sources.

If you are looking for the appropriate lunar calendar, so you have many options for example the desktop lunar calendar, it is very easy tool to use and very simple and it gives accurate information anywhere. If you want to buy it you can go to downloading website that deals in free or paid software, you will surely find lunar calendar software over there; it has many features like it shows the current image of moon’s phase and provides you valid results while it also has a harmonic moon calendar. It consists of four major quarter phases; New, Full, Last Quarter and First Quarter.