Process of planting according lunar calendar

Hundreds years ago Isaac Newton had determined a gravity law. This law establishes that moon’s gravitational attraction influences greatly on the tides. Moon’s attraction is more powerful than one of a sun because of its close disposition to the earth, even if the sun has a bigger size.

The process of planting according moon lunar calendar a very powerful effect during full moon and when the sun and moon are located on it’s opposite sides. High tides are also made during new moon phase.

“Passing moon’s gravitation extracts the closest amount of water to the beneath of the ground and drags the soil slightly away from water to the outermost side at the same time. So in this way on the earth appear two tidal bulges opposite to each other.” These powers also influence on the content of water in the ground, making during full moon and new moon phases more dampness in the ground that promotes seeds to grow and spring.

Over a period of 10 years Doctor Frank Brown from Northwestern University executed lots of tests making a research in this field. He determined that during full moon plants soak more water than as usual. He implemented his test in laboratory that is closed from the moon, and discovered that plants are still affected by the moon phases.

Antroposophycal teaching that was established by Rudolph Steiner is basing its beliefs that there is a relationship between universal laws, nature, science and spiritual interests. Later they developed Biodynamic methods. Rudolph determined that specific kinds of plants are related to the elements of water, air, fire and earth. For example, water corresponds to growing of leaves, air to flowers, fire corresponds to production of seeds and earth to root growing.

Methods of biodynamic are basing their teaching on the astronomical or heliocentric moon position. Their teachings are very difficult, they consider in them trines, eclipses, perigees, apogees along with ascending and descending moons.

A book “How to grow more vegetables…” written by author John Jeavons says that decreasing and increasing moonlight influences a lot on the rise of plants. It also says that when the moon gradually increases, the illuminated surface excites the growth of leaves. At the phase when moon decreases it doesn’t stimulate the growth of leaves any more, it switches to the underground area, stimulating the roots.

More tests were made by German scientists, Frau Dr. Kolisko and Maria Thun in late 30’s and 50’s. Their first tests were made to show how phases of the moon effect on the seeds efflorescence. Maximum grows was noted on the days before moon was in the Full moon phase.

You can use the special moon software for planting according lunar calendar.